Skyline Memorial Park & Crematory

Family Owned & Operated

Our History

Peter Kint and his wife, Toos, emigrated from the Netherlands in 1953, initially settling in southwest Michigan. In 1959, Peter and his family moved to Crete, Illinois when he was hired to handle the accounting operations and superintendent duties of Skyline Memorial Park. He became owner of the business in 1985.

Peter and Toos had four sons, Pete, Paul, Rich and Ron. The brothers spent many summers working at Skyline for their father, and have contributed to the business in each of their own ways.

In the early 90’s, Ron made numerous updates to Skyline’s landscaping, rehabilitating and reshaping many of the trees and shrubbery that adorn the grounds today.

Pete has worked seasonally at Skyline since 1998, assisting with the general upkeep of the grounds in the spring, summer, and fall.

In 1990, Rich was hired to run Skyline’s accounting and business operations, coming in with a background in manufacturing and sales. He is now the vice president of the company.

Paul joined the business full-time in 1985, to help with all areas of the business. He has an architectural degree from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and both he and Rich were instrumental in the building and design of the new Memorial Center. Paul is now the president of the company.

The family business has also employed the third generation of Kints, with most of the grandchildren having worked a summer break or two at Skyline. In 2009, Rich’s son, Jake, was hired as a full-time groundskeeper and Paul’s daughter, Laura, creates marketing pieces and manages the social media for the business.

Although not technically family, Jeff Scott might as well be—he began working as the primary groundskeeper at the cemetery in 1979.

Sadly, Peter Kint Sr. passed away on February 12, 1997. He is still fondly remembered by many as the silver haired man who could be seen walking the cemetery grounds with his pipe. He is especially missed at family outings to Aurelio’s Pizza in Homewood which he loved so much.

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